ISO 22000:2005 is Food Safety Management System which provides the guidelines for the Food Industries.

ISO 22000 2005 – Protecting your right to have healthy food

The ISO 22000 -2005 quality management system controls the food industry and make sure that only healthy food whether it is packages, processed or whatever, should be delivered to the common man. This article will provide you all the basic details of this quality management system. Let’s start.

hat is ISO 22000-2005?

It’s an international food safety management system which makes it compulsory for every organization which is a part of the food chain or deals in food products, to prove their ability to control the food safety hazards so that the food is the guarantee that at the time of human consumption the food is safe.

ISO 22000:2005 requires an organization to 

  • Plan, operate, implement, update and maintain a food safety management system, which aims to provide food products which are safe for the consumers, in accordance with their intended use.
  • To demonstrate compliance with regulatory food safety and applicable statutory.
  • To evaluate and assess the requirements of customers and confirm the delivery of mutually agreed food-related needs of the customers. This is intended to increase the customer satisfaction.
  • To ensure the effective communication of food safety issues to the customers, suppliers and other relevant parties in the food chain.
  • To confirm that the organization is following its stated food safety policy.

What are the benefits of such bearing such international certifications?

  • It gives customers a feeling of trust that whatever food product they are buying is up to the mark and safe to eat.
  • For organizations, it is an opportunity, to prove its credibility among the customers and in the market.
  • It earns good will for an organization.
  • The standards in this quality management system are implemented at the global level, which helps to grow the food industry.
  • It deals with the mutual interest and right of all humans across the world of having safe food.
  • It checks the wrong practices of the food industry and also highlights people indulged in illegal activities.

Terms and definitions used in the ISO 22000 quality management system

  • Food safety

    This means that the food is safe to use and won’t cause any harm when it is eaten or prepared according to its intended use.

  • Food chain

    The sequence of the operations and the stages that are involved in the processing, production, distribution, including storage and handling of a food product and its ingredients, from the primary production to consumption by the end user i.e. the consumer.

  • Food safety hazard

    Any chemical, physical, or biological agent in food or in the condition of the food which has the potential to cause an adverse effect on the health.

  • Food safety policy

    Overall intentions and strategy of an organisation formally expressed by the top level management to guarantee food safety.

  • End product

    The product that does not need to undergo any further processing by the organization.

  • Control measure

    Action plan to prevent or eradicate a food safety hazard.

The balance ISO standards create plays an extremely important role in managing the wrong practices of the industry. In today’s world, such international standards are the most effective way to establish the full proof quality system which stops every low standard thing, enter into our life. The drastically changed lifestyle has done huge alterations in our eating habits, routine, and choices as well. Processed food, packed food, instant/ready to cook food or whatever food product it is, we need to be cautious of its quality standards. ISO quality management systems help the common people differentiate between the genuine and below grade food products. The ISO marked packaging equips us with the capability to filter the authentic from fake. Thanks to these standards which ensure availability of only safe stuff for the humans of the planet.