Process Improvement


Process Improvement is a commonplace across organizations today. Due to increased pressures on productivity and reduction of operating expenses, there is an augmented focus on Overall Equipment Effectiveness or OEE, which reduces equipment breakdown times.

If you are looking for an expert consultant for Process Improvement, we are there to make the task achievable for you! Since it is an area of specialization, you need someone who is a specialist in it. Being an entrepreneur, it is not the core area of yours. Expert consultants like ours know it at length and breadth. With a rich experience of training a large number of leading corporate houses spanning across PAN INDIA.

When you enroll with us, a team of seasoned and expert trainers imparts not only theoretical concepts; but a thorough understanding of Process Improvement from the practical perspective. We teach you the ways of saving operating costs by implementing advanced concepts of Process Improvement.

  • We give basic and detailed understanding of OEE
  • Maintenance types and purpose
  • Process Improvement basic and detailed understanding (5S, Kaizen, Poka-Yoke, Y-Y Analysis, CAPA, Risk Assessment, 8D, etc.

It is greatly important that organizations operate with optimal productivity because economic feasibility is utmost important.

As operating cost becomes a matter of concern in the modern business environment, elimination of waste becomes a premium business skill. No wonder, organizations adopt new-age concepts like Process Improvement that helps in achieving operational excellence by continuous improvement system (Kaizen). It is possible to develop competencies on waste elimination by mastering Kaizen by making small but incremental change routinely. Sustaining the same for a long time is the key to success. It is possible to achieve incredible change by improving the processes gradually.

We inculcate a revolutionary thought process so that you imbibe quality concepts in everything that you do at the workplace. It is kind of cultural change in the organization. Call us today for achieving the best quality training that makes certification quite achievable.